Henry Fonda, Robert Shaw, Robert Ryan
Charles Bronson, Telly Savalas

Robert Shaw as Col. Hessler. Ironic that the man who wrote
"The Man In The Glass Booth" also plays this character.

Shaw looks at prototypes for new weapons being made
by the Germans.

Shaw gets ready to prepare for battle. Either that or going
the bathroom, I can't remember.

Shaw is invited to inspect troops being sent out to war.
He complains that the men look too young. He also
complains that this guy looks like that Sgt. Shultz from
Hogan's Heroes.

But he inspects them anyway.

He looks over his shoulder as the troops begin to sing
a german fight song.

And he begins to sing along with them.

Shaw is sent a prostitute by his commander.

But he is not interested and throws her out of his office.
Those poor nazi's just didn't know how to party.

Shaw in a tank.

Shaw goes over plans with his troops.

A very pissed off, almost assassinated by a land mine
Robert Shaw explains how the men with mine detectors
should be walking in front of the convoy.

As the battle rages on Shaw checks to see if he can locate
that prostitute he so stupidly turned down earlier.

Shaw explains to his general that America's soldiers are
very tough.

Shaw begs the general to let him do things his way. The
general agrees.

God this is a long movie!

After taking over the hotel Shaw orders all captured medical
Supplies to be given to the nuns to tend to wounded civillians.

Shaw explains how it's best to keep the war going on,
since they've known all along they wouldn't win.

Shaw's right hand man puts in for combat duty.

Shaw is not happy to hear that the reason is because
his right hand man considers him to be a murderer.

No sign of the prostitute.

Shaw gives his troops orders as he joins them for battle
in a tank.

The nazis aren't prepared for the preparedness of the

Shaw sees the American's Fuel Supply Depot.

But the Americans use the fuel to stop the nazi's.

Shaw is engulfed in flames as his tank blows up.

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